Lights, camera, action.... STOP ! Wait a minute, something is wrong...

Okey, let's start from beginning. My name is Klaudia Karłowicz and since 2005 I'm an amatour graphic and web designer. Since some time I'm working also as a photographer - but I work mostly with animals. The most important for me is what I do, for who and why, and what I'm doing ? Everything... I have at home, the most wonderfull creature in this world, my beloved dane. His first photos, websites, my life with him in "dog" world, inspired me and in some case pushed me to what I'm doing now.


Plener, home, shows - during the year you can meet me on many shows in Poland and abroad (I'm also amatour handler, but only for of Great Danes). In the minute when I'm around the ring (and not necessarily on it), I make all I can to catch as many, as greatest moments. Very important for me is the quality of photo, but more important is how the particular dog looks on it. What pleasure you have from watching pic in great quality, if the dog looks on it bad. From each show I bring many pictures, but I'm publishing only a few of them.

Since some time I'm also make photo-sessions, in studio. It's addressed mostly to pet owners, because the animals are the most grateful models. I'm making sessions everywhere - homes, gardens, pleners or on shows. The session hasn't to be the static session only, because this second "crazy" sight of dog - in movement, in fun - is this true sight, this true "ME". Photography is only the moment, and that's why it's so hard to take this beautiful moments on it.

The offer includes:

» Plener Sessions - in any place.
» Show Sessions - prefered not in hall.
» Studio Sessions (at this moment mostly in Warsaw).


I'm making website since 2005. My offer is addressed mostly to breeders and pet owners. It doesn't mean, that I don't make them also for private persons, or companies. I'm trying to make each site different, and mostly to reflect the main character. I always make as many projects as we need to find this ONE. The site is made in html + css. I'm not using templates from internet, and I don't work in flash or with CMS.

The offer includes:

» Creating website from basics.
» Creating extra language version of existing website.
» Updates
» Renovation of already existing website.

Adverts, business cards, calendars...

The family interest of printing brought me also to track of ads. For some time now in many "dog" publications around whole Europe are presented my photographs. And now you can find there also my adverts. Very often I arrange special photo-session for new project. In my offer you can always find business cards, banners, special cards, calendars and also something new - Photoalbums.

The offer includes:

» Projects of all materials - ready for internet and to print.
» Logo project of kennel/company.
» Specialization in projecting Calendars and Photoalbums.

Co-operation with - Quattro Printing Sp. z o. o. - Possibility of printing any paper materials.

I do not publish one and only price-list. Each order is made and counted separately. At the request of the client I can issue a VAT invoice.