1. My life dosen't impfer long. Every separation with you is for me suffering. Think about that before you will buy me.

2. Give me time to understand things witch tou are expecting from me.

3. Plesae, Let me have a reliances - I lives it.

4. Dont' be angry on me and don't close me for punishment. You have your job and your friendswoich - I have only you.

5. Talk with me. Even if I don't understand words , I understand your voice.

6. Progress with me prudently - I remember everything.

7. Remember, before you will hit me, that my jaws could break your hand, but however I don't use them.

8. Before you will call me: reluctant, insistent, lazy, think, maybe I must sit for long on sun, or maybe my heart isn't working well.

9. Take care of my, when I will by old - You will be old as well.

10. Be with me in hard moments of my live. Don't say never: "I can look at this" or "that must by happend during me absence".

Everything is easier for me, with you...

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