The dreams had for it that they are sometimes grant. Somebody wait for it shorter, but somebody longer.
But if somebody really want to grant his dreams that happens... 25 day of February 1996 was the day of granting one of that dreams.

In our home appeard a little, black somebody - Kolumb Odkrywca Herbu Zadora. He was three months old, scared eyes and he dosen't exaclly knows "Why somebody took him from his mummy". We need three days in order to from frightened eyes make happier doggy, his face says that his happier than three days earlier, and the tail was all the time in move.

Later... Later begins mutual recognition, He was learning about us, and we was learning about him but not only he. We learned about the Great Danes. Today when I look on our preparation to live with dog I'm impacting to head and I think that we were the couple of the most frivolous and frantic madmen. About Danes we know only that, thay are big. We havn't got the internet, and there was only one book. Book called "Dog Niemiecki" (Great Dane, Deutsche Doggen) written by Małgosia Sowińska. There was hard to know something more about them. Only Kolumb learnd us about Danes, and Great Danes world. He learned us more than the books . He has fascinated us. He bewitched us.

Kolumb was our best friend; faithful, loving and guardian. He has loved all the world and every people. He showed us how the dog can loves: strong, intensively and unconditionally. Because only Great Dane can loves so much. When he departed our world where blocked. The walls and the roof has fallen down. When Dust has been dispelled there become only emptiness. We said to each other "Never again, it hurt to much".

But however... Three months later in our house appeared another little "somebody" : black-white meddlesome Jumpin' Jack Flash Saxifraga; small mantle luck on 4 legs and with so long tail, that has gone by great deal time when he grow to it.

He diffrent from Kolumb us day from night, but one connects them: but they above loves so much that only Dane can love.

The house isn't empty any more...

Iwona Porzycka-Karłowicz, 10.06.2006

The years are passing by, the leaves are falling off the trees... Exactly today is passing 6 years since in my life appeared little "somebody". Suddenly. This 6 years had changed a lot in my life. In the time when he was changing, I was changing with him. Today I'm not anymore just a little girl, which got a puppy from parents - more ponny than avarage dog. Many trips, thousands of photos, dozens, or even hundrets of friends all over the world - everything thanks to him.

This little "somebody" had turned 6 years over a month ago, but today passes 6 years from the day of his upcoming to my house - I remember it, as it was yesterday... Little something in blanket on hands of my father. Now this little somethin' should be actually an adult, proud Great Dane. But even after this time, and with a grey hairs everywhere, in his head he is still the same, he is still like yesterday - like puppy - sweet, helpless.

For a long time now, I was thinking what to write over here, because the story is passing by even in this minute. In March it will pass 15 years, since Great Danes possessed not only sofas in our house. They hadpossessed our hearts - my heart.What if my first Dane had appeared in my home when I was only 5 years old? I was growing up with him, and he was growing with me. He was learning me how dogs love looks like, how Dane can love, but he had also teached me how Great Dane can make you suffers. My adventure with Jojek is more (hmm what word could describe it enough) sensible, more matured ? This time he was the one who was growing up beside me. I observed each week, each day, each moment. Today we are like duet, or maybe more like unity? he is like my shadow, and I can always count on him.

But, will there be another little "somebody", who will possess my heart enough, and I will decide to bring him home and teach everything but this time not alone, but with Jojek ? Who knows, but I believe that time will show me the way as same as in to another little somebody, as the way of life.

Klaudia Karłowicz, 26.11.2010

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