Happy Birthday My love!! Happy Birthday Jojek !!
It's already 8 years.... There are no such words to describe this one dog...


I think it's normal, almost like some kind of tradition, that with every update of this website I change a design... This time (yes I know we have already autumn), but though of orange leafs outside, design in truly holiday mood. So it's like most loved place of my Jojek - the beach, the sand, the sea..

As so, I give to you our a little bit refreshed website, in few days I hope to add all photos from this year to galleries over PORTFOLIO website. But for now, feel invited to look over our new website.

Enjoy :-)


Great Danes Club Show - Slovakia

Show was held in beautiful scenery of Slovakian mountains. This time I took a trip with Cris from Margarejro kennel and two blue girls - Fanaberią i Ecstasy. On show the polish team had spent a fantastic time. Beside fantastic results, we came back with some nice pics and memory of great food which we had opportunity to eat on the show ground. How to do not like shows??

Lenka Klobasova - Thank you for another great pictures :-) Below you can find also few photos from sessions, but the whole gallery will be added soon on PORTFOLIO website.


Great Danes Club Show - Poland + EuDDC

It's this show. This show on which you wait whole year. Show where you meet your friends from whole europe, where you see as same as new upcoming stars as old, but still shinny big stars of our world. This time EuDDC was held in Poland, so almost around the corner for me. Two days of Great Danes holiday, friends, dogs; atmosphere an weather were excellent. Beside the shows we had attended in some parties which were held around. See you all in next year in Portugal !

It's not an easy job to mention here everybody who I would like to thanks, without skipping some of you - so BIG THANK YOU too all of you ! Few photos from me soon on PORTFOLIO website.


Great Danes Club Show - Slovenia

Show with mission, by the way of visiting my great friends Kasia and Marcin. Together with Marcin and T'amo we went for Club Show, and we came back with new member of their family :-) I'm happy to present new part of my team, little beautiful blue elephanty - DON DIEGO della Baia Azzurra. Blue baby will start his shows soon, and I hope that in future he will go in steps of his uncle.

Photos from show and weekend at Rudziniec soon on PORTFOLIO website.


Great Danes Club Show - Czech Republic

Just after Lithuanian Club, was held Czech Club. It's one of my favourite shows, and that's why it's now saved in my calendar for good. Always great atmosphere, good stakes, many nice gifts - everyone would find something for him here. This time Polish team was big, with better and little bit worse results, but as always in fantastic humor. Thanks to such wonderfull weather we made of course some photo sessions.

Photos from Club Show and few sessions soon on PORTFOLIO website.


Great Danes Club Show - Lithuania

First from few club shows in which I will attend in upcoming weeks. Beside the club show, there were two CACIB shows in Druskienniki. On Club Show, as on Lithuania - Polish team was presented by planty of danes. And what can I say - Margarejro Best Kennel, Carramba (WITNEY HUSTON de Garaba) & ECSTASY Margarejro - they both won Best of Breed in their colours (and we have to mention here that it was another time when for BOB were competing 3 dogs from Margarejro kennel). Another thing - as always the weather was good, too good for my taste - the temperature was over 30 degrees...

Only few photos from show soon on PORTFOLIO website.


HEL !!!

What can I say, only the same - another year, another holidays, and as we speak about holidays than we can mean only one place - Hel :-)) More photos in our Holidays Galleries here and on PORTFOLIO website.

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