Welcome on website of one of the most loving seas and beaches great danes in the whole world Jojek - Jumpin' Jack Flash Saxifraga. You will find here a lot of galleries as same as from dog shows as from our annual holidays in Hel.

Jojek has retired from dog shows, and now he is spending most of his time sleeping with his best friend - teddy bear. Me, however - continues the adventure with dog shows, and practically you can meet me somewhere every week.

You are more than welcome to visit also our second website - Portfolio, where you can find more and more photos, but not only "our shoots" but also from my photo sessions, as it's from now my other job. You will also find there some of my graphic designs. What more? I think you have to check it by yourself - PORTOFLIO.

"Great Dane - no more dog, not yet human"

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